How to get 45 USD for buy domain?

Do it step by step and you get this bonus!


We're talking about money, so no beating around the bush, nothing is free! You must meet the conditions that will be credited with the bonus. Failure to comply with one of them may disappear possibility of receiving the bonus. The author of this website assumes no responsibility for the activities you performed. The information in the article may not be 100% up to date and therefore recommend always first read all the terms and conditions, if everything is true, as it should.


  • Registration bonus 4 USD
    When you register to zí get a welcome bonus of 4 USD
  • Extension for 1 USD bonus
    For installing the add-on to your browser, you get a bonus of 1 USD
  • V.I.P points
    On zí get VIP points which can be exchanged for money. And even after you log in, order, or promotion.
  • Cashback for 48 hours
    Despite the gain, you can get different types of cash back into your wallet, payments are usually processed within 48 hours.
  • GoDaddy - extra money 40 USD
    By purchasing through a single portal zí get cashback 40 USD which you can then choose to your bank account.
  • Helpfull support
    If it happens that your cashback portal zí get out within 48 hours credited to the account, you can contact support and the vyreklamuje your order for you and get cashback.


  • Czech project
    But If you use google translator the problem is irelevant
  • Complaint 30 days
    Like everywhere here it takes the complaint within 30 days, so if during the manual you do something wrong you may extend the period for withdrawals a month.
  • Limited Time Offer!
    Very soon ending offer! Don´t waste your time! Invest now!


Time takes
15 - 30 min

Overall, we gain in 45 USD from zí, but it will pay 14.7 USD (or the equivalent in other currencies), resulting in a net profit of 31 USD + registered domain hosting for a year +

If you want to get even 31 USD accurately follow the instructions and get the promised bonuses.

The author of this website assumes no responsibility for payment you made. The information herein may not be 100% and can in mileage over time.


So how do you get all the above bonuses and get to earn it? Failure to comply with any of the points you might expires bonus.

  • Disable Adblock!
    Due to a running ad blocking, you may not properly be attributed to follow-up bonuses!
  • Make registration on Zí
    Through the button below will take you to a website where you can enter data.
  • Credit card to pay online
    15 USD to pay
  • Telefon a email
    For verification your accounts


  • 1
    Set up account on Zí
    Click in the right corn to registration and fill up the form. After go to your email and activate your account.
  • 2
    Search GoDaddy on
    Simply by their searching.
  • 3
    Click on získejte cashback
    We have to move from this website on GoDaddy site, otherwise you will not receive a reward!
  • 4
    Change your currency into dollars or crown
    Whichever suits you more.
  • 5
    Enter a domain name
    The domain may no longer be occupied by someone else, so choose a unique name. You can leave peacefully ending .com
  • 6
    Click on Proceed to Checkout
    Order value should be around 15 dollars. The amount should not exceed 18 USD and should not be below 12 USD, if you have it elsewhere than in the range of something you did wrong and try it all over again
  • 7
    Fill up the form
    It is necessary to open an account with GoDaddy, so that complete data someplace and take notes.
  • 8
    Click ExpressCheckout for future purchases
    Without it will not work.
  • 9
    Complete payment
    Tick agree with the terms and let confirm payment
  • 10
    Now verify you email!
    First you must activate the account by verifying your email! Then check the products and let Cancel Renewal, then it would be at that show Cancels and date of withdrawal
  • 11
    Cancel renewals
    Then check the products and let Cancel Renewal, then it would be at that show Cancels and date of withdrawal
  • 12
    Upload web
    GoDaddy go on to the page and the rest of the products we will see in the video here:
  • 13
    You have acquired almost all the bonuses that you can have from Zí, more can be found at the bottom of page

If you do not ascribe to earn cashback within 48 hours, please contact the email  and they will respond quickly and cashback credited.

Paid cashback you will have another month in 12 days.

Thanks for signing up 🙂

Proof of payment:

  • 14
    BONUS VIP points
    By registering with Get you get VIP points more VIP points you get when you enter the code you received in email and fill it in your profile tab. My Profile / use VIP code should be 26FL5TGV. These VIP points can then be converted into real money and choose even more!
  • 15
    Extra 1 USD
    Registration've got 4 USD. Now add an extension into your browser and get another extra 1 USD, which you can withdraw immediately.

Want to get more? Maybe 900 USD?

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